Preservation, Maintenance, Installation         

Tree SelectionMatching tree species to site conditions for longevity of tree and to meet client and site goals.  Trees are obtained from reputable tree nurseries and inspected before purchase for defects and optimal structure.

Site Preparation – Assessment including soil analysis to create a planting area for optimal tree growth.

Planting – Planting of trees from containerized, ball and burlap, or bare root stock.

Transplanting –
Transplanting of established trees with a trunk diameter of no more than 3.”

Tree Support Systems – Determination of appropriate tree support systems installed and later removed during first months of tree establishment.

Monitoring and Maintenance Programs – Systematic and documented monitoring of site conditions and tree health.  Maintenance, typically consisting of structural pruning, takes place during first 10 -15 years of tree establishment.  This is utilized to encourage proper canopy formation and lowest branch height.


Weekly, quarterly, annually, or biannual site visits may be scheduled.

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