Preservation, Maintenance, Installation         

Bracing – Installation of metal rods through weak portions of a tree add support.

Cabling – Installation of cables & hardware in a tree to help support weak branches or branch unions.

Pruning – Cutting away unwanted parts of a plant.  Pruning is necessary to maintain aesthetics, reduce hazards, and to encourage proper structure, and reduce canopy weight or density.  All pruning is performed with non-invasive climbing techniques.

GTP also prunes woody perennials
.  Examples:  Azalea, Rhododendron, etc.

Pruning to decrease height and/or spread of a branch or crown.

Pre and Post Construction Consultation – Developing a tree preservation plan, cordoning off the trees for tree protection zones, assessing critical root areas, and preliminary tree evaluations.

Tree Protection Zones – Predetermined area to protect all critical tree components including roots, stem, and branches.

Compaction Analysis – Compaction is the compression of soil resulting in the loss of total pore space, especially macropores.  Measuring the compaction with a penetrometer and visual inspection determine necessary procedures, if any, to increase aeration of the soil and decrease resistance for roots to grow.

Decompaction – Typically the use of an AirSpade vastly increases available penetrable root area.

Lightning Protection –
Placement of ground rod(s) and copper cable is normally used to limit the amount of damage from lightning strikes.

Restoration – Performed after natural or manmade damage occurs.

    Storm & Wind Damage RepairTo reduce broken or
branches to try to 
restore aesthetic and functionality
   of the canopy.


    Topped Tree Restoration – Utilized to selectively   
    thin sprouts or growth to
establish and maintain 
    dominant leaders in the tree.

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