Preservation, Maintenance, Installation         

Tree Care in North Georgia


Canopy ReductionPruning to decrease height and/or spread of a branch or crown.

Crown Cleaning/Deadwood Removal
Removal of watersprouts and dead, dying, diseased, crossing, and hazardous branches from a tree.

Crown Raising/Building Clearance –
Removal of lower limbs from a tree to provide clearance.

Crown Thinning –
Selective removal of unwanted branches and limbs to provide light or air penetration through the tree or to lighten the weight of the remaining branches.

Vista Pruning –
Selective pruning to allow a view from a predetermined point.

Structural Pruning –
Pruning to establish strong branches.

GTP also prunes woody perennials.  Examples:  Azalea, Rhododendron, etc.

Plant Health Care – A holistic and comprehensive program to manage the health, structure, and appearance of plants in the landscape.

       Consultation – Trees are assessed for 56 variables to  
       determine health,
structure, and site conditions.

       Insect and Disease Assessment and Control
Comprehensive analysis to determine correct pathogen 
       and pair with scientifc and natural, if possible,
       mitigation plan.

           Monitoring and Prevention –
Monitoring and 
           maintaining an acceptable
level of insect activity.   
           Accurately determine what type disease and 
 implications of disease on the structure and
           vitality of the tree.

      Soil Management –
Comprehensive program which  
      incorporates the following
list to create, establish,
      and/or maintain favorable condition for root growth,
      nutrient absorption, and tree stability.

         Soil Analysis –
Analysis of soil to determine pH, 
         mineral composition,
structure, and other
         characteristics.  This sample is then sent to the
         University of Georgia for scientific

        Soil Amendments/Organic Soil Ecosystem   
material added to soil to
        improve its physical or chemical properties.

Compaction Analysis – Compaction is the
        compression of soil resulting in
the loss of total pore
        space, especially macropores.
  Measuring the 
with a penetrometer and visual inspection
necessary procedures, if
 any, to increase  
        aeration of the soil and decrease
resistance for roots 
        to grow.

Decompaction – Typically the use of an airspade   
        vastly increases available
penetrable root area.

Fertilization – Substance(s) added to a plant, 
        tree, or the surrounding soil to
supplement the
        supply of essential elements.

        Mulch Installation
Mulch and organic compost
        installation helps re-establish natural structure,
        while also amending nutrient deficiencies.

Root Flare Excavation – 
Performed during time of inspection to evaluate root flare for fractures, fungus, and to analyze primary rooting attachments.

Diseased/Decayed Tree Removal



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